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Delicate vintage petals and leaves are thoughtfully scattered and layered across this silk chiffon piece, printed with hand carved wooden blocks. This saree drapes like a summer dream, with baby pinks and greens commemorating the newness of spring, filtering light in the romantic style of our intricate spring canopies. Light, ethereal and semi sheer, it is perfect for a summer day and an elegant piece for special occasions.

Indira and Satish curated almost 20 vintage florals for this saree. Some of these teak wood blocks were collected back in the 1970s from the bustling wood block bazaars of Farrukhabad.

Banu and Yashodara hand-mixed 10 unique shades with a base of gum arabic fermented over two days. With their expert touch, each hue was delicately balanced against the pale pink dyed background. Satish printed the saree over several days, allowing each layer to dry between applications. Once done, the silk was slowly cooked in steam over several hours, fusing the colour into the fabric. Chandramma carefully unwrapped and hand washed it with a gentle soap. It took our team 80 hours to create this saree.

Each saree is packaged in a handmade cover, with a floral sachet and a note signed by our artisan family. Gift this to yourself or someone you cherish!

  • Pure Silk Chiffon saree
  • Custom printed falls attached
  • 100% natural fabrics
  • Wood block printed with organic certified dyes
  • Colours are depicted as accurately as possible, though they may appear slightly different on screen

Our products have been designed for easy care and storage. We have been extremely mindful throughout the making process and we request our customers to carry forward this approach. Each piece is a keepsake of our heritage carefully treasured in your wardrobe.

  • Hand wash in cold water
  • Use mild, gentle soap
  • Dry in shade
  • Iron on low heat
  • Store in cotton cloth bag

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Proudly Planet & People Friendly

At Tharangini, we meticulously craft products to be of the highest quality, with respect for our planet and the artisans behind each creation. Our commitment blends our passion for block printing with eco-consciousness, ensuring every item tells a story of care and sustainability.

Ethical and Fair Trade

Handcrafted with Love

Planet Friendly Process

Skin Safe Ingredients

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